Payment-Linked Customer Loyalty

With Loyalty Now APIs, loyalty program operators, brands, merchants and membership organisations can reward their members in real time, for all their transactions.  
Using Loyalty Now’s card-linking system, members no longer need to remember to show their membership card, or link their membership to merchant partners to earn – they simply shop and earn.

The Loyalty Now technology ensures the second someone spends at a merchant and is eligible to award points or cash back, they will be the first to know. Loyalty program operators can push notifications via the portal, a mobile application or a SMS to celebrate the earn, and drive further earn and engagement in the moment. More transactions recorded means more revenue from partner transactions and superior member engagement and retention.

Member Registration

The Loyalty Now platform enables members of your rewards program to link their everyday Mastercard, Visa and eftpos cards to receive card-linked offers and promotions.

The Loyalty Now platform supports the registration of members through a variety of ways such as mobile applications, APIs, QR codes and web portals.

Linking cards generates more frequent member interaction, simplifying the process and providing transparency and evidence of rewards in real time.

Infrastructure and Data

The Loyalty Now platform is bank agnostic and production ready with no investment into infrastructure required.

The platform includes the whole member experience. And by using our APIs, tools and widgets, we capture detailed merchant and shopper data.

The platform includes a sophisticated merchant portal where merchants can create offers, see usage reports, interrogate transaction data and track rewards.


Rewards are completely flexible and can be easily adjusted to cashback and/or points-based rewards depending on the program or merchant requirements.

There is no need for complex integrations. Merchants do not need to adjust their POS systems, or train staff on reward systems. The APIs securely capture and process the data on behalf of participating merchants.

The Loyalty Now Rewards Process

Effortless Rewards Ecosystem

Member Registration

Members of the loyalty program can register their everyday debit or credit card through a variety of ways such as APIs, QR Codes or web services.


Payment-Linked offers

Any purchases made with the registered card at promoted retailers will automatically accumulate rewards.

Instant Rewards

Rewards require no effort. There is no redemption process. The process is automated and streamlined using the Loyalty Now platform.