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Simplify member earning and engagement through card linking

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Loyalty Now’s technology empowers you to streamline and modernise your loyalty marketing strategy through an advanced modular SaaS platform. The platform enables membership organisations to build or update branded customer loyalty programs with minimal effort and no integration costs for your merchants.

Bank agnostic and card-linked with partners such as Visa, Mastercard and eftpos, Loyalty Now’s APIs help you build loyalty through direct connections, rewarding your members’ everyday routine in real-time.

Members simply link their own payment cards to their member profile.

The flexibility of the platform allows you to co-ordinate multiple partners, merchants and offers, both B2B and B2C, through the one portal and consolidating your rewards program into one unified digital rewards platform. This simplifies your administration, and importantly gives you total control over your data and how you use it.

Build stronger connections, offer greater membership value and empower members to engage with you every day.

Production Ready

The platform is production ready, modular, and infinitely scalable on demand. No investment in infrastructure is required and it is white labelled so you can brand it as your own.

Drive Partner Engagement

The platform connects the whole loyalty ecosystem, bringing an exciting new capability to your partners to manage their marketing while helping you develop stronger and more engaging relationships. It will quickly improve earnings for operators, merchants and members.

Improve Processes

Loyalty Now allows you to simplify the member and merchant interaction whilst increasing tag rate. Partner billing is automated, reducing the complexity of running your loyalty program and improving cash collection. The Loyalty Now platform delivers real-time earnings for membership organisations and merchants, while communicating instantly to maintain member engagement.

Scalable cloud infrastructure

Built with scale in mind, the platform can automatically scale to meet user demand.

Bespoke integrations

The platform supports tactical solutions as well as an agile road map to full integration depending on requirements.

Seamless user experience

No loyalty cards, codes or coupons. Just real time value straight to the consumer.

Additional revenue channels

Affinity organisations' membership base and merchants through targeted promotions.

The Continuous Improvement Model

Data & Analytics

Successful businesses have always relied on some form of data to help them make decisions. We therefore strive to continuously improve our capability in data analytics and visualisations for our customers.

Cyber Security

Security is important to us, we continuously assess and improve our security posture, and align to relevant standards of data security to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.

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