Build trust, boost revenue and retain customers by rewarding in

Run your own loyalty marketing strategy or promote your brand through connecting with membership program operators.

Large or small, merchants and brands can use the Loyalty Now system to truly engagecustomers and run real-time loyalty offers that suit your business, such ascashback, points, bonuses, perks, incentives or even donations to worthwhile causes.

Marketing becomes truly costeffective when you only pay for converted sales. Consider the platform to be a precision targeted advertising channel that reaches your audience with every dollar spent.

Rewards are communicated real-time so you stand out in a saturated market. You can run and adjust promotions using real time data, optimising as you go, knowing what is working or not.

Larger retailers that have, or aspire to have, their own loyalty programs, can benefit from Loyalty Now’s card-linked technology. Loyalty Now removes the need for membership cards, coupons and vouchers. Point of sale training is not necessary as the customers’ own payment cards are linked to your rewards program. Every sale is logged and rewarded; every customer engaged.

Smaller businesses can benefit by joining forces with membership program operators and publishers operating on the Loyalty Now platform, such as airlines, insurance businesses, and clubs that reward subscribers or members. Creating promotions with partners is easy through the Loyalty Now platform. Contact us for a referral to our operators and publishers.

Minimal Setup & Training

With our scalable, modular cloud-based technology no additional hardware or software is required. With no vouchers or coupons forstores to the process, Loyalty Now removes the need for time consuming administration and POS training whilst continuously improving customer interactions.

Real Time Feedback

Real time reporting gives you to the minute information on the performance of your loyalty programs; every detail becomes data rich with real time transaction and customer data and comprehensive campaign insights.


The easy to use inbuilt offers engine provides you the flexibility to plan and design your own rewards and adjust on the go (time and budget limited, seasonal, etc.) enabling you to engage new and existing customers with the use of personalised content, building stronger relationships with your audience.

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